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July, August, September 2002

Mile High Moments from Denver

On April 18, 2002, members of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer gathered in Denver, Colorado for its 44th International Conference. The three day event featured guest speakers which included two retired Episcopal bishops and a parish priest, all of whom proved to be excellent storytellers.

The conference began on Thursday evening with worship, including an excellent sermon by the Rt. Rev. William J. Winterrowd, Bishop of Colorado. Following the service, the Reverend John Guernsey shared his experiences and insights on becoming a congregation totally centered in prayer.

Dr. Guernsey offered practical advise on transforming vestry meetings into opportunities for prayerful reflection on mission and creating a 24/7 Prayer Chapel in a parish setting. Of particular interest to those gathered was Dr. Guernsey's insistence that specific clergy needs and concerns be brought before the congregation for prayer.
Daily Bible Studies were lead by the Rt. Rev. Charles Duvall, recently retired as Bishop of the Central Gulf Coast. Bishop Duvall challenged participants to be illuminated by the glory and radiance of God, and then to reflect that glory in the world. The engaging and often humorous presentations based on Exodus 3 and John 6:15, were filled with delightful and thought provoking stories.
Afternoon workshops proved to be a time for learning and discussion in small groups. The sessions were well attended and well received by conference participants.

Long-time friend of the AFP, the Rt. Rev. William Frey delivered the banquet address to a full crowd.

In his talk entitled "No Designer God's", Bishop Frey reminded the gathering of the need to be made into the image of Christ, rather than to try to re-make God to suit our own needs. His remarks were well received by all in attendance.
The conference closed with a Celebration Liturgy, which included the commissioning of the Rev. Carlotta B. (Lottie) Cochran as Executive Director.

Tapes of all sessions and workshops are available for purchase. Interested persons may place orders through the AFP website ( or by contacting Mrs. Mary Hilton, AFP Executive Secretary at 1-800-711-6399.

"Mile High Praying for the Body of Christ" would not have been possible without the organizational ministries of Al and Carol Sherran, Billie Lou Gaise, and AFP volunteers from the Diocese of Colorado. We are extremely grateful for their gracious hospitality and many months of hard work.

The 45th Annual Prayer Conference, Personal Renaissance through Prayer, will be held May 15-18, 2003 in Detroit, MI. Registration materials and brochures will be available at the end of September.

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