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Partners In Prayer Newsletter

Summer 2003

10 Ways to Help AFP

1. Pray for the ministry of AFP every day. Just as you pray daily for the Church around the world, please pray specifically for our ministry to those who are seeking a new life in Christ through prayer. Pray that there might be more opportunities for us to teach a new generation of Christians how to begin a new prayer discipline.

2. Become a member of AFP, committing to a four point Rule of Life. Partners agree to pray each day, read and study the Bible, pray regularly with others, and contribute financially to AFP.

3. Join our intercessors by becoming a Prayer Warrior. Prayer Warriors receive a prayer list by email every two weeks, and agree to intercede for individuals and situations who have requested prayers. To become an intercessor, contact John Rohde through the AFP website.

4. Order your Bibles, books on religion and spirituality, and Prayer Books through AFP. In addition to books listed in the newsletter, we can also order for you any book in print. Orders may be placed by phone, fax, or through the AFP website.

5. Attend or sponsor an AFP Regional Prayer Conference in your parish or Diocese. Any church or diocese can sponsor an AFP prayer conference by contacting the AFP office or contacting your diocesan representative.

6. Consider becoming a Diocesan Representative for your diocese. Many of our dioceses no longer have active D.R.s. If you would like to help AFP in this way, please let your bishop know that you are willing to offer your time and spiritual energy in this way.

7. Attend the 3-day annual Spirituality Conference in Orlando, FL. Each spring, AFP offers a conference designed to be a time of spiritual renewal and reflection. This year's conference provide a new look at

8. Call the AFP office to receive additional newsletters to distribute to your friends or local parishes. Give us your address & we will gladly send you extra newsletters and brochures to provide to people in your area.

9. Join our intercessors by participating in the email Prayers for Peace. To become a part of this peace circle, send your name and email address to: . You will be sent a new prayer by email each month, along with information on the people and conflict in the region.

10. Make an annual pledge to AFP. To make a pledge to AFP, fill out the pledge/contribution card included with this newsletter, and mail it to our office. You may also make a pledge by contacting the office by phone or sending a fax or email. Having an idea of what our regular income will be helps us to be better stewards of the gifts that we receive from our contributors.

Why pledge?

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