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Partners In Prayer Newsletter

Summer 2003

AFP Prayers for Peace

For those who wish to continue to pray for countries in conflict, we are extending our prayers to those who live in the midst of war, civil unrest, persecution and poverty throughout the world. Beginning with those in our Anglican Communion, we will focus our prayers on a particular area each month, praying for just leaders, relief from suffering, for refugees, and for the work of the church in that region. To become a part of this peace circle, send your name and email address to: You will be sent a new prayer by email each month, along with information on the people and conflict in the region. 

The following are responses from readers who participated in the
Prayers for Peace in Iraq:

Thanks so much for the prayer below. Our son John and his brigade were to leave for the battlefront this morning. We got to talk to him yesterday, which wasa blessing. He is a doctor and is to be on the front line.

The experience of the past few weeks has been important in that it connected us in spirit and encouraged us to do something active and positive about something which was too big for most of us to deal with in any other way. Thanks again for taking the initiative. Blessings.

Thanks for the prayers. You can keep me on your list. Sometimes we just need to be reminded

It was very encouraging to know we were "2 or more" together in prayer. It was very helpful to pray with AFP since sometimes I didn't have the words. I shared the prayers with friends and some of them went into our Sunday bulletin. Prayer for peace is part of the works God has prepared for us to walk in.

The prayers you sent to me so regularly really helped me to keep focused at times I felt overwhelmed and found it hard to find the words. God bless you richly for sharing this ministry. In a quiet moment let us pray for our wonderful A.F.P.

I've appreciated the feeling of connectedness with like-minded people that this e-prayer has provided, and I've circulated several of the prayers that you've sent. Thanks so much!

I was encouraged knowing that I was connected to you and the many others who were also praying the same prayers.

Each one made me think, and I felt as if I were really doing something positive. I passed the prayers along to my friends at work.

On reconciliation

Jesus, Reconciler;
be the encourager and sustainer
of those who strive for human reconciliation now.
Through all doubts and difficulties
keep alive in them

A better way

God of peace, overturn our warring;
God of mercy, awaken our forgiveness;
God of healing, guide us to a better way.

from the website:

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