• Anglican Fellowship of Prayer

    Anglican Fellowship of Prayer

    This prayer website is for the use of all who seek God and all who pray, in the belief and hope that "prayer is a way of spreading God’s presence."
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    Prayer begins in the heart of God, and it has the power to change the world. This means that prayer is a vital business.
  • "Prayer is the Mightiest Force in God's Universe..."

    "Prayer is the Mightiest Force in God's Universe..."

    “..When we pray, we align ourselves with Jesus’ eternal prayer for us. When we pray, we throw our love with His like a lariat around the world. Our prayers go where we cannot and speak whole spiritual continents into being."

    - Helen Shoemaker

Anglican Fellowship of Prayer


The Anglican Fellowship of Prayer is a lay ministry, aided by members of the ordained clergy, which serves the church and the world by encouraging, facilitating, and promoting the use, understanding, and discipline of prayer.

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